we take away the hassle

Putting it politely, we're known as the team that gets stuff down.  Whatever it is, no matter how tight the deadline, we roll our sleeves up and make it happen.  Whether you have a large or small event, project, a mounting pile of paperwork or some boring bookkeeping to get on top of, we are your one-stop-shop to finding the help you need.


Event Management

  • Logistics & Coordination
  • Content
  • Marketing
  • Budgeting
  • Sponsorship
  • Security
  • Venue Hire

Soup to Nuts can do as little or as much as you need to run a successful event for your company. If we can organise an entire film festival in 8 weeks from scratch, we're pretty sure we can run your event for you.  And we don't just mean invites and goodie bags - we will reach into our extensive database of industry contacts and organise speakers, presenters and content.  It will be as though your own experienced team was running the event for you.  Get in touch to tell us what you have in mind and we'll pull together a customised proposal.



Project Managers

  • Planning & Scheduling
  • Resources & People
  • Cost Control
  • Progress updates
  • Results-oriented
  • Post Project report

We get stuff done because we are awash with experienced project managers who are experts in their field.  We can usually find a project manager who has experience of your industry or function. We make sure that the project delivers to targets which are in line with the long term goals you are trying to achieve for your company, while at the same time getting involved in enough detail to make sure everything happens smoothly, on time, and to budget.

Put simply, we think strategically but we also sweat the small stuff.


Admin & Finance

  • Admin
  • Online document storage
  • Bookkeeping & Finance
  • Website updates
  • Call Answering
  • Legal & Contracts

Some people love admin, but for many small business owners and startups this is one of their biggest hassles.  So if you're in this camp, you're not alone.  Depending on your requirement we can give you the support you need.  If you want short-term help to get on top of the books, we can set up simple cloud-based storage and online spreadsheets to simplify the necessary paperwork. If paperwork brings you out in hives then we can just take it all away from you and assign you an assistant who can support your business ongoing. Speak to us today for a quote.