Our First Award Nomination

Finalist Badge-page-001.jpg

Soup to Nuts is gobsmacked and humbled to be in the same category as some of Birmingham's finest digital ninjas who have been nominated for Best Social Media Campaign in this year's Birmingham Awards.

Social media is just one of the things we do and although we have almost twenty years of digital marketing experience within the team, the Soup to Nuts brand is souper new and very much an unknown cinderella on the Midlands scene.

We're still developing our services and honing our skills to create marketing magic for our customers. We're in that embryonic stage where we're still being paid in contras and favours.  But because we love what we do and, more importantly, love seeing the positive effect we can have on a customer's brand and their sales growth, we're just beavering away, trying to get better all the time, use new technologies and stay ahead of the competition.

Fingers crossed this cinderella company gets a nod on 7th October, but to be honoured, we're just stoked that our name's in the hat in the first place.