This Startup Needs You

Out there is a flailing startup in the soup. They are wearing armbands but they need a few buoys and a guiding light to help them launch a successful business.

Top blogger

Blogging can be a great first step to building a business.  If you’ve figured out the secrets of great blogging, keeping it fresh, authentic and building and connecting a following, then there is a fledgling startup that can benefit from knowing how to do just that.

Market research

Are you an expert in how to structure a market survey, make best use of free resources and interpret results to get to the nub of what customers really want?  This is an important part of starting a business but it can end up being a costly fruitless exercise if done badly.  Jump in and help a startup to get to know their market.

Business Plan Writing

This may not be the first thing on the to-do list for a startup but at some stage, and particularly if funding is being sought, a business needs a plan.  If you have experience writing the perfect plan to get funding, or maybe to help the entrepreneur work through their ideas and evaluate the risks, then you have something worth sharing.

New Product Development

Every now and then someone comes up with an ingenious idea for a new product.  But they have no idea how to get the idea prototyped, patented and in the shops.  If you’ve been there, seen it or done it, then pray tell.

Marketing and PR - how to get your product noticed

So many businesses start with a product or service idea but often the visionary has no experience in how to market the product or generate a buzz around their new creation.  Share your top tips for spreading the word and building a brand.

Social Media Guru

If you are a twitter queen, instagram wizard, podcast creator, facebook fanatic or youtube expert then you have something that every startup would kill for - not literally of course.  We want to know how to start, grow, curate your content and stay true to yourself.

Pitch Perfect

You only need to watch a few episodes of Dragons Den to realise that there is a way to pitch and a way to suck when it comes to presenting a business idea.  If you have mastered the art of pitching then get in the elevator with a startup, give them a pep talk and set them up to fly.

Export and Import

The world is getting flatter.  But what do you need to know if you are dealing with overseas suppliers or exporting to faraway shores.  Whether it’s advice on shipping options or managing currency exposure, you could help a startup to trade without borders.

SEO - If you build it, how do you get them to come?

Anyone can build a website.  Well, most people.  But getting people to come to your website is another challenge altogether which is a real problem for many businesses.  If you’ve got google analytics down to a tee, can build links easier than a five year old can build a lego house and know your white hats from your black hats, then welcome... to the desert... of the soup.