Start Now - Scratch That Itch Part 1

What’s that recurring big dream that you keep pushing to the back of your mind.
We’re often told that actions start with thoughts.  But when it comes to starting a business, lots of people think about starting their own business and lots of them do absolutely nothing about it!  How do you avoid being in that camp? How can you make the transition from 9-5 and sleep-walking to free-range and fulfilled?
You need two things

  • PMA – A positive mental attitude – feel the fear,  have a word with yourself and suck it up
  • Action – take one small action to let yourself know you are moving to entrepreneursville.

Find Motivation

If your dream is to work the 9-5 you enjoy until you retire or keel over then you need no outside inspiration to make change, unless you’re planning a change in career of course, so it’s fine to keep doing what you do every day.  If you have an entrepreneurial itch, you need to step outside of your 9-5 bubble and start rubbing shoulders with other people who also have an itch and have decided they need to scratch it.  Find your nearest business growth show, entrepreneur meetup, innovation centre, university business hub – there is a plethora of free networking events if you head onto eventbrite or meetup.  Meeting like-minded individuals is a sure fire way to give you the motivation and belief to move from idea to action and to get over your fear of taking that first step.

Do Your Homework

Starting a business is not a walk in the park.  It’s hard, but rewarding work.  Don’t be fooled by the Hollywood 3-minute montages of the kids that start selling lemonade one day on their front yard and are single-handedly running a soft drinks corporation within a few weeks.  Whatever your idea is, you need to be clued up about it and you’ll feel more confident if you know your stuff.  But don’t use this as an excuse not to start something.  You can work at pushing your idea forward and researching it at the same time.  If you’re going to run a business you need to be a person of action, not just ideas and words.

No Excuse

There never seems to be a good time to make major life changes.  Whether it’s marriage, babies, a new career, a new haircut, moving house, there is always a reason not to make that decision and stick with the status quo.  Sometimes these are good, sensible reasons, and sometimes they are plain old excuses which are holding us back.  If you’re going to be your own boss, you need to start being honest with yourself.  If you’re struggling to tell the difference between excuses and good reasons, find someone who can help you see the difference, or jump in the soup – we’ll always tell it as we see it!