Soup to Nuts Origins

How did we get here?

The idea for creating a support system for startups was dreamt up almost a year ago but the concept has been simmering for several years before that.  There is plenty of advice out there to set up and run your own business, but after working with young creatives for a number of years it became clear that something just wasn't working.  It wasn't that startups didn’t work hard enough, weren't talented or didn't have a good idea, but they needed more support, more pairs of hands, more encouragement to keep going, or a critical friend to ask if they needed to call time on a pet project that really wasn’t going to fly.

And so the initial idea of a one stop shop that everyone could access, was born.

What's in a name?

We were working with a consultant from the US who kept saying that it had taken their IT company 3 weeks to build a report from Soup to Nuts.  If you’ve never heard it before your first inclination is to google it, which is what we did.  On finding out that it essentially meant everything from start to finish - a meal starting with soup and ending in a dessert course of nuts - we realised it was perfect.  We’re just going to ignore that the UK equivalent of nuts is cheese.  Soup to Cheese really doesn’t have the same ring to it.

Apart from all of the mundane, but sometimes necessary stuff like setting up a company with its own bank account and getting a logo to give the company a physical identity, we have mainly spent the last year researching, learning and networking with investors, serial and wannabe entrepreneurs to get a better understanding of the challenges and support that startups and small businesses need most.

We've also started bringing ingredients to the table.  An A-team ensemble of Virtual Assistants, Social Media experts, Researchers, Marketeers, Entrepreneurs, Business Coaches and anyone who passionately believes that we can create something of value for all of the nutters who want to bring their ideas to life.

We are so excited to finally be ready to share the first incarnation of Soup to Nuts.

Why Not Join us on our Launch Journey?