Serial Entrepreneurs Can Teach Us a Thing or Two

There is a saying that if you want something doing, ask a busy person. Well, if you want to know how to start and grow a business, ask a serial entrepreneur.

The Soup is here to really change the landscape of what it means to be an entrepreneur, and we're on the hunt for the special ingredients.

4 Things We Can Learn From Serial Entrepreneurs 

So what do serial entrepreneurs know?

Getting things done

If you’ve ever renovated your own house, you’ll know that there are certain hoops to jump and some aspects of work with a very long lead time.  If you’ve developed several properties you start to become a dab hand at optimising the schedule of work and lining up resources.  However, a bit like land and property, businesses are not entirely predictable and whilst it helps to have previous experience, surprises can still throw even the most experienced serial entrepreneur off track.

It’s not what you know, it’s who you know

If you’ve built and bought a few companies, you will know exactly who you can trust to fill in any skills gaps and help to get things moving.  Whether it be funding, technology, product design, marketing or partnerships, you have an extensive network of friends, colleagues and business associates to draw from.

Spotting the business opportunity

This isn’t black and white but there is a good argument to suggest that if serial entrepreneurs have run a few successful businesses, they probably have an eye for spotting a gap in a market.  That said, you only need to read up on the fortunes of the Dragon’s Den investments and the ones that got away, to know that past performance isn’t necessarily a guarantee of future success.

Hiring and scaling up

When you decide to start a business on your own or with a little band of merry men, your preoccupation is with just getting your first handful of customers.  But if your business starts to take off, how do you hire the right people, put processes in place and build the company culture you need to grow successfully.  Serial entrepreneurs have done this time and time again.  And although anything involving people can often be unpredictable, there will be tried and tested ways of going about things, so why reinvent the wheel.

These are just a few of the nuggets of wisdom that serial entrepreneurs are full of, and better still, most of them are happy to share it with anyone who is willing to listen and learn.. if only there was somewhere we could all come together?

The Soup is about is a share economy. For us to really change the landscape of what it means to be an entrepreneur, we need to do things differently.

Successful Serial Entrepreneurs can be elusive. Are you someone who has repeatedly launched, scaled and successfully exited a number of businesses?  You could argue that luck and serendipity have played a part, but the odds of success show us that experience pays dividends and small changes can often lead to big results, life changing results. Will you share with us how you apply knowledge, experience and ability to learn from the past to make even better choices with each future investment?

That’s why we want to flavour the soup with a healthy sprinkling of serial entrepreneurs who can impart their lessons to the new kids on the block.