Preparing to Launch

The Final Countdown

Arm doors for take-off...


A big part of Soup to Nuts is an online support system, so that it doesn't matter whether you live in London, Lanark, Llandudno or Londonderry.  That meant we needed a soupy website where people could meet and merge minds.  Cue a lot of head scratching. When you are not technical and you need a website that is more than a brochure site - pictures and words that most people can build themselves - this is one practical aspect that will threaten to keep you awake at night, and blow your budget out of the water if you're not careful.

So we're taking an agile approach - we're always going to keep improving so we're getting ready to prize open this big ol tin of Startup Soup!

If You Build It ...

Great film, but a real myth when it comes to websites and businesses in general, and one which we see lots of startups struggle with.

 How do you drive traffic to your shop window?  You way of doing this can be as simple, complex, unique or tried and tested as you want it to be - it just has to work. From flyers to Facebook, Ad words to QR codes or all of the above if necessary.  Don't underestimate the effort it will take to get noticed, especially online, which is becoming as confusing as getting minestrone in your eye.  Whether you have a marketing guru on your team, have budget left for a bit of PR support, or you're doing it all yourself you need to get the word out... We're excited..

What Will People think?

Up to this point we have had positive and encouraging feedback from family and friends - which you obviously can't take at face value because they love you, right?  We have had some useful challenge and support from other experts in this space as to whether this thing will fly, and have tweaked and refined where we felt we needed to.  But, there is something quite nerve-wracking about sharing your idea with the world for the first time.  A bit like taking your baby out for the first time and hoping people will really think he’s beautiful and not just say it.

At some point, you just have to grow a pair and get that minimum viable, early version product out there! So, this is what we are doing.

...they will come, we hope.
Hold hands, cross fingers, and breathe.