9 Businesses That Started In a Home Just Like Yours

Here are 9 exciting business that started at the kitchen table, or some other table, in some other room of the house, or the garage or garden shed...

1 Julie Deane, The Cambridge Satchel Company

Quite possibly my all-time favourite startup story because I love Julie Deane’s ethos  and I love the products – at the last count, I have three of these gorgeous satchels.

2 Ed Vickers, Jollie Socks

Ed started this social enterprise during his second year at University in 2012 to support people battling with homelessness.  You can’t listen to this story without it bringing a smile to your face and being inspired to do something good, or even just to buy a pair of their zany coloured socks!

3 Shaun Pulfrey, Tangle Teezer

A lesson perhaps in how not to pitch, but also proof that investors don’t always get it right and perseverance is key.  Shaun knew his market well – tangled hair – and has made a successful business which is reportedly now worth £65m with Shaun as the sole director – kerching!Julie Deane – Cambridge Satchel Company

4 James Kennedy – Kennedy City Bicycles

Look out for the cute dog in the video of how these custom-design, lightweight city bikes are made.

5 Will King, King of Shaves

Will King started creating shaving ols in his kitchen and selling at speakers corner back in 1993.  This established brand, built 22 years ago, bought the shave.com domain name in 1995, way before social media even had a name and has now moved effortlessly into digital.

6 Mandy Haberman, Anyway Up Cup

Inspired real-life challenges, former female inventor of the year, Mandy Haberman’s first product was an improvisation with rubber and elastic bands at her kitchentable.  She also successfully fought patent infringements of her hugely popular Anyway Up Cup.

7 Lara Young, Gymluxe

For gymwear you wouldn’t be Gymwear you wouldn’t be embarrassed to be papp’d in check out these newcomers.  Lara, a former lawyer, with a passion for fashion and fitness researched and launched the company in 2014.

8 Tiffany London, Tiffany Rose

Tiffany started this maternity wear business from her living room in London, as a result of her pregnant sister being unable to find anything stylish to wear.  Today the business is run from a studio, employing 18 people and turning over more than £3m.

9 James Watt, Brewdog

Ok, so not quite at the kitchen table, but certainly worth a look at how you can find your passion, start small, rip up the rule book and build a business that goes from strength to strength.  Currently trying to raise $25m through its equity punk ‘crowd-funding’ model.