10 Reasons to Jump In the Soup With Us - Are you Nuts?

How do you sort the wheat from the chaff
among all the screaming monkeys out there?

There’s so much startup advice out there but What can you do that’s efficient, simple, effective and actionable right now? What works and what is waste of time? And most importantly how can you get it right? Don’t have anyone to ask? Well knock knock, we’re here to help you startup, take things to the next level, expand your knowledge, your network & your insider knowledge as well as help you find the tools, resource, strategies and advice that really help startups not only start up, but go along way!

We welcome startups of all shapes and sizes in the to soup! It does help if you are a bit nuts; what can we say? It’s the entrepreneur way.

We’re a team of entrepreneurs that have backgrounds from grassroots to big corp with big beliefs that every single one of us has both the right and ability to be a success!